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Build up

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Hey guys, I have been lurking in the shadows for about a year because, quite frankly, I am not knowledgable enough to contribute. I started this build not knowing how to change my own oil and a year later O have been on fire 4 times, busted my head wide open, and rittled my arms with scars. But it has been worth every minute and it has been great so far. I started with a rusted out truck and have fabricated floorboards, replaced 1/2 ton with 3/4 ton running gear and boxed filled and smoothed the frame. I made the body mounts because they were also rusted too badly. I am attempting to make my own gauge cluster as we speak but everything takes forever because everything is a new experience. I will send the pictures of the truck when we got the body off and everything apart to give a perspective on where we started. Thanks guys.

Now the fun stuff.

We took the 400m and picked a 1973 460. it is now.

472 = .60
worked heads
keith black .60 pistons
chromoly pushrods
Falcon rods rated to 800+hp
Arp rod bolts
comp cam blower cam
sfi flywheel
6-71 blower
Don Hampton Drive kit
4" valve covers
ford racing breather caps
MSD distributor (not on yet)
Ford Racing wires (not on yet)
Megasquirt EFI
Birdcatcher that has been modified for EFI. Not on yet.


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Also molded and replaced four different places on the bed including both fenderwells mostly out of old air conditioning duct. I havent written a check for anything that I couldn't do myself and that theme will carry out through paint, the rest of the bodywork, and electric. I am having trouble sending pictures of the truck because it is in the big format and wont fit the appropriate size for the forum. Any help?
Hey buddy, it is the BDS two piece intake. It was then coated in aluminum.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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