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building a 460

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ok iv got pretty much wat needs to be done now wats the best way to get hp without useing a bunch of money i know i got to use some but i want 500hp an iv talked to one person on here jus trying to get other opitions :confused:
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Well there are a variety of ways to find hp without spending alot of $$. I was able to build a 557 ci for around $3500 and the car ran 9.40's. I found a good block (junkyard) invested in some good heads (VERY important) matched my cam with my converter and paid very close attention to all the details surrounding the build. Hp is in the details. You have to almost obsess with all the little angles to get the free hp. For instance, just boring the block 60 over rather than 30 gives you more cubic inches which = hp. More cubic inches = more hp. Do alot of research as well. These guys are very helpful on here and have good leads on alot of good parts.
ok cool thanx
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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