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Hello Folks,

I'm brand new to this forum, but have read many posts on it the last few weeks and learned some good things.
I'm an old Ford man from way back, and have a 'new to me' truck with a 460 and C6 in it that I'm going to modify for the most torque I can get as my 'Farm Truck'.

I'll be pulling my tractor and backhoe on a gooseneck trailer with it, and hauling small loads of gravel, sand, and dirt with it on the 9' flatbed dump on the back.
The truck is a 1976 F250 Trailer Special 2wd that came set up for towing, as much as they did back then. It has a dually rear end in it now on a Dana 60 rear axle with a steel 9' flatbed on back. The engine is in really good shape with no blowby. Seems good and tight for the age.

I plan to make the following upgrades to it:
1. Change rear axle to a Dana 70 with heavier springs.
2. Replace all U joints and upgrade brake system. (It can go, but it needs to Woah!)
3. Rebuild the Edelbrock 650 4 barrel carb, or put on a Holley fuel injection kit I've had for a while.
4. Upgrade to 1970 timing chain kit.
5. Replace stock intake with Edelbrock RPM alum. intake.
6. Replace cam and lifters with best one for torque up to 4,000 rpm. NEED ADVICE ON THIS ONE!
7. Port the existing heads.
8. Replace exhaust manifolds with headers. Probably short to mid length to fit in truck and give best torque. NEED ADVICE HERE TOO.

That's where I'm at right now. I've already got the carb, intake, and existing heads. Still looking to buy the rest.
Again, it's not going to be a show or race truck, it's going to be used for hauling and tooling around town and probably never go over 4500 rpm.

Any advice ya'll can give me would be much appreciated.
Hope everyone is doing as well as possible.


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Southernford, Not to sure of the build for Tq ( read towing ) but the thing that stands out in your description is the intake. That intake is for higher ( not sky high, but definitely not for towing ) rpm. Research the intake pecking order on this site, if I remember correctly, the stock intake would probably be your best bet, hopefully some one who tows a lot can chime in on this. Get with Scott about the heads, not sure if porting would help ( with the Tq, ) he would definitely know and be able to recommend ( and cut ) the right cam.I believe the carb would work for the combo, albeit a little small for a higher rpm performance build. The exh would prob be shorties, imho. I would have the block decked while at the shop, try to get the pistons to near zero deck, as sits that is a real ( like 7.5-1 ) low compression ratio motor, and with the heads and dish, that change would get to near 9.5-1 ( round abouts ) I hope this helps some and doesnt confuse or give any bad advice. Best of luck!
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