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bullet cams

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Hey guys, i am attempting to hang a couple of turbos on my 501, I wondered has anyone ever used bullet cams? I have been recommended to them a few times but i wanted to hear from you guys. thanks
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I've used them for a few Cleveland engine hydraulic roller cams and they have been good to deal with on the phone etc. They had a LOT of lobes to choose from too.
I have been running them for a few years now on a couple different builds, one flat tappet and one solid roller, great guys to work with. Good quality and quick.
Partridge is good people ... he knows what he's doing, most of the time.
who so you think the best people are to custom grind me a turbo cam?
I have my own programs for that so, I won't comment about anybody else, good or bad.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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