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BG 220 pump (hardley used) - $150 shipped

Holley 800cfm carb - $150 shipped
Carburetor, 4150 Marine, 800 cfm, 4-Barrel, Square Bore, Manual Choke, Dual Inlet, Dichromate,
Double-pumper performance for your boat.
These Model 4150 marine carburetors include all of the same features as their street cousins--plus a few more that make them adaptable and legal for marine use. Primary differences include fuel bowl vent tubes, sealed throttle shafts, and universal marine calibration. Plus, they're designed to meet flooding and backfire requirements as defined by the U.S. Coast Guard. Other than that, they're typical Holley quality all the way with mechanical secondaries, square bore flanges, a manual choke, dual fuel inlets, 30cc or 50cc accelerator pumps, and 5 in. airhorns

Built sbf C6 with brake and full reverse manual valve body - $1k shipped (with converter 4000 stall)

Rebuilt T-5 tranny 5 speed never used since rebuild - $700 shipped

sock BBF dizzy (no cap or rotor) - $20 shipped

set of comp magnum roller tiped rockers w/polly locks (think they are for a sbf) - $60 shipped


1 - 9 of 9 Posts