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C4 trans. mount part no.?

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Does anyone know what part # I need for a trans. mount BBF/C-4 ?
This is for an '80 'stang using swap mounts and M-5059-A crossmember,I've come up with 2 different part #'s and the applications overlap.I'm going to install this weekend and that's the only thing left to get.
Any help is appreciated,thanks.
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i purchased a double hump transmember after throwing my single hump out....i then realized that taking two single hump transmembers and spacing the humps where the headers exit is a better option. i believe in the past bob meyers stated this also. i should have followed up on that first. see the car build up section and view zephyrbobs cut and hack pics.....fwiw bobn
use the one from a t-5.:D
use the one from a t-5.:D
That's what I used.Thanks
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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