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C6 pan

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I've got a C6 behind a 460 with about 475-500 horsepower. It will have close to a stock converter; maybe slightly higher. I will have a hwy gear 2.75-3.25 in the rear and it will be in a 56 ford panel truck (4000 lbs). My question is; will I have any real benefit from an aftermarket deep tranny pan? It seems a no-brainer that the extra capacity would keep it cooler and cooler is better right? I like the idea of a plug for draining....
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Always, especially with that high of a rear gear.
now the $200 question is; are the cheapo chrome ones on ebay good enough:confused:, or should I save more pennies and get the expensive:eek: aluminum?
Personally, I use the finned aluminum ones, they tend to dissipate heat better in my opinion.
Yes the Ally ones are best, add stiffness to the case too .
I recently experienced that a pan for a pickup was deeper than the passenger car pan... if a tight budget is involved, a truck pan may hold you over. The filters are different depths, and I am sure there may be differences beyond that also, maybe someone else will chime in on this.

The cast aluminum ones have been said to be a bit better in the strength department.

If cooling is the main objective, get the best external cooler you can afford, as this will also add volume, and much better cooling than a deep pan would offer, imo.

get the tci kit
Well, my panel truck won't see a lot of extreme abuse or track use, but that girdle/plate in the link seems a great strenghtener...anyone make those?
After looking at what is available at Summit, these are not priced too bad. There are 3 that "appear" to have larger fins than the others in the same price range... and look a little beefier also. The cheapest of the group doesn't include a filter, but the fins extend to the pan rail when they can clear the bolts.




If anyone has any other options to compare these with, please provide a link for us to check out.

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