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I recently had a 521 built and installed in my '72 Lincoln Mark IV. During the downtime (took 9 months to get the builder to finish the engine) I had the transmission rebuilt to handle the new engine. The work was done by a shop that builds transmissions for drag cars and had built a 700R4 for my brother's 396 Nova. I don't think it is relevant but the trans sat for about 9 months after the rebuild before being installed in the car. My mechanic ran the engine through a break in sequence and said the trans cooler line was getting hot in Park. The transmission acts like it is working against itself and is even dragging in Park. It goes forward in all gears, including Reverse and Neutral. I think the park pawl might be broken now. The linkage is not the problem. The car is back at the shop now. I'm know very little about transmissions, but would like some educated ideas on what the problems might be internally just to help me deal with what I'm told by the shop when they tear it down. Thanks
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