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New to Forum. Issue is; a C6 TCI Rverse Valvebody Tranny Brake. Weekend of 06/13/20 put 13 hits on the car tranny brake did what tranny brakes are supposed to do. Went out this weekend, 06/20/20, after burn out, bumped into stage, depressed tranny button, off foot brake, came on accelerator and, tranny brake DID NOT hold, pushed thru lights. Checked out tranny brake three times on return road after each attempted pass, worked fine. The above situation happened 2 more times at the starting line and, same situation during check out on return road. I have checked fluid level, shift linkage, wiring connections, trans button and solenoid, all check out as a pass state.
Set up;
557 BBF
3800 Sall converter
C6 TCI Reverse Tranny Brake Valvebody
Line pressure @idle140, @2500 all gears 160
Two step set at 3400RPM
Any thoughts appreciated.
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