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Hi everyone,

I own a 1971 Lincoln Mark 3, got its transmission rebuilt 2 months ago because of bad seals, so I decided "well, might as well have a full proper rebuilding while I'm here"
Replaced all the seals, o-rings, clutch plates and steel disks, bands and so on (I gave the transmission to a trusted mechanic to do the job)

Once the trans was back on, it worked fine as it should have, but it had some funky shifts while going from 2nd to 3rd, by that I mean that while the transmission was ice cold, it worked perfectly, 1-2 and 2-3 shifts were smoother than modern days transmissions, then by the time the tranny warmed up a bit, it did not want to engage 3rd gear, it engaged only if I let go completely of the gas, the moment I put the slightest pressure on the gas pedal, it downshifted to 2nd gear, then once the tranny is nice and warmed up to temperature, it does engage 3rd gear but with a pretty long upshift, kind of consistently (I did check and adjust the vacuum modulator but that had little to no difference)

Up until today I didn't really pay much attention to it, but today I did a slight pull, going WOT from 10mph to 70-80mph (all at operating temperatures) and when I let go the gas it seemed as if the car braked, not just engine brake
Stopped the car, put it in neutral, put it in drive and it all worked fine after this
Worried for this, I got home and checked the trans fluid level (put the car in neutral after going through the gears) and it had a burnt smell coming from the dipstick tube and has some bubbles on the dipstick itself... and noticed that the fluid level was 1.5/2 inches above the max on the dipstick
And also, when I put it in reverse, it "clunked" twice, and after the second "clunk" it engages perfectly

Could the problematic 3rd gear engagement and bubbles/burnt smell from the fluid have been caused by the overfill?
Thanks in advance, everything helps!
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