For sale c8ve block that was converted to 4bolt mains on the front 4 needs work the caps are slightly offset on the mains might clean up with a line bore or if you mill a little off the bottoms of the caps first block is bored to 4.440, the guy I got if from claimed it would work the way it is but I ended up getting a different setup, the rear main cap is setup for a chevy rear main seal,the block was also machined for roller cam bearings in which the back one was machined slightly big but maybe it'd work otherwise I had a shop that was going to bore it out bigger and put a sleeve in it and remachine it to the correct size I don't know who did the machine work on it but it's not perfect, I also have a stock offset ground crank it's a 4" stroke and it's ground for the chevy rear main seal for this block, I'm not sure what this stuff is worth for sure knowing it needs work but throw me a offer I live in northern wisconsin