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Cal-Tracks suspension

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I have a 62 galaxie that needs help- rear end lift and housing movement- wonderd if anyone would recomend these or maybe something else for my drag only car- prefer to keep non tubbed and possibly putting back on the street someday- also traction is good now. thanks
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Cal tracks

Take a look at the Super Stock and Stock ranks almost all of them are running Cal Tracks.

John won the national championship with them a couple years back.

I am a big fan of caltracks with the mono leafs. They definitely apply the power to the ground. They also have really good customer service which is hard to find now a days.
I am also afraid of cutting up my car, so that's the route I went.
will these keep rear from lifting/ housing rolling or would ladder bars be a better choice? taking away the lift and rolling-will that put more power to the ground? possibly make me need larger tires? more stress on drive line without the 'cushion'? best et is 6.65 with 1.54 60 ft at 104.5 in the 1/8.
thanks for the replys
One thing you might want to look into, if you already haven't is a back brace for the rear end to prevent the tubes from flexing. Also reinforcing the perches is another thing to prevent the housing from wanting to roll.
As for ladder bars its up to you, but "better" is a vague term. There are a lot of different factors when choosing a suspension that suits you best.
I use the caltracks on my car and they work great even with stock springs and cheap shocks.A friend of mine had the same on his Camaro then he upgraded to their mono srings and their rancho shocks now his only worry is not hitting the track with his back bumper!It's the shocks that help to keep the back of the car from lifting.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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