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Hey guys, looking for some recommendations on a good camshaft for my set up. I am building a 545ci for my jet boat. The boat is by no means a speed boat but a little more power never hurts. I also got a great deal on a stroker kit from a family member who started a build and never got around to finishing it.

Here is my set up:
Holly 850 cfm double pumper carb
Weiand stealth intake
D3VE-A2A heads- super cobra jet intake and ported exhaust

Stroker kit:
Scat stroker crank (4.5 in)
Scat rods
Keith black pistons
The kit gives me a compression height of 1.350 and a deck height of 10.320

should make my compression about 9.8-1
I will order the 70’s timing chain set up that has no can retard.

I do not want to turn the pump much over 5500 rpm and am really hoping for some low end tourqe as we ski a lot and it helps when pulling a skier out of the water.

Anything helps, I am not very familiar with choosing a decent cam.
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