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Front sump 8 qt Canton pan and pickup.

Fits early Ford Merc front sump 429 - 460 blocks, must use Front Sump style pump.

About a year old, assembled engine, dynode it, dropped it in car, fiddled with ride height and didn't like clearance...3.5 to ground.

Had it on my 67 Mustang, but I had the Shelby LCA drop on it along with 1.5 inches out of the Moroso trick springs, so with fenders at 28 inches off ground, the pan was a little close for comfort.

I went to a Canton T sump pan.

This pan never leaked, never has been hit or drug....

200 for pan and pickup, you pay the ride. Heads up, UPS shipping to Calif was 80 bucks so probably not worth, it, if your on the East Coast or closer to Virginia maybe worth your while

Pic of pan and how it was on car below.

Txt 757 394 6410


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