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Ok guys I got a moderatly modified 460 in a mud truck. Had a 850 demon on it which needed rebuilt so I took it off for a rebuild and put back on a 950 Quick Fuel. The demon had the rear power valve blocked and a little larger jet than the quick fuel. the quick fuel still has both power valves in it. The truck is more resonsive to RPMS with the quick fuel but has lost tork espicially after shifting to 2nd gear. This is a 472 with a weiland dual plane intake steel heads. Any ideas.

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depending on how moderate your build is a 950 is to big for a 472. i would try a 750/780 and see what happens. just my opinion.
You may want to measure the 950 and see what size it is dimensionally as the Holley 950 is basically a 750 [1.402 ] top with an 850 [1.750] base and flows less then hteir own 850. Not sure on the QF as I haven't measured one. The Demon 850 is 1.560 top and 1.750 bottom and depending on which booster it has can flow up to 1000 cfm just for reference.
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