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Carb Question

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hey all, i'm new to the site and so far its been a great find. i have two 460's and one has some modifications done to it. i don't have the spec sheet but it was in a bronco that i had bought and the gentleman said it has a 290 comp cam, .600 lift, bored .060 over, ported and polished dove-c heads, high compression pistons, edlebrock performer rpm intake and edlebrock 750 carb. the thing never idled worth crap and i've taken it into a local shop (great guy, very smart too) and all he says is that i need to change the cam. however, i love the sound and the motor makes great power. i drive it on the street and i take the bronco in the sand dunes but thats it. the fact that it doesn't idle well doesn't bother me that much, but another guy i talked to said that the carb isn't the correct one for my setup. is that true? also, i've been thinking about getting a different carb for the motor. i'm making my 78 a sort of prerunner bronco and i want to get good power out of the motor. what would be a good carb for my setup? i've liked the edlebrock so far seeing as i haven't had to do anything to it (the garage i brought it to detuned it a little to help it idle, but it still didn't work) but the edlebrock never stalled out on any hills in the sand dunes. i've heard holleys can do that. any information would great. thanks and love the site!
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Automatic or manual? If it's an automatic how much stall?
automatic. the torque converter is stock. the truck came that way. now i'm no expert by any means, and i thought it could be the torque converter for my stalling issues, but if the truck is sitting in park with no load on the transmission then would a stall converter work?
sell the edel"broke" and get a good holley 750-950 and feel the difference in power, also you need at least a stall converter big enough to clear the cam
Your stall is probably why she doesnt idle correctly. As stated above you need a stall to match your cam, if your not sure about what grind you have you could pull the timing cover and chain. They print a grind number on the front of the cam. I would suggest a Holley vacume secondaries 750 to 850 for your carb.
2800-3200 stall would probably make all the difference in the world. Stock converter, big cam, not a driver friendly combination.
i was told its a 290 comp cam with 600 lift. not sure if those are the numbers for the cam or not (i'm pretty new to the innards of engines and learning this stuff as i go). its a wicked cam, it sounds great and i don't want to get rid of it. i can live with it not idling, but i need to get a new torque converter anyways. i see a lot of suggestions for the holley carb, but do they stall out at steep angles? i've never had a problem with my edlebrock at angles, but i've heard the holleys are bad for that. thanks for all the info so far
Holley makes a truck avenger 4150 style carb. You can get a 770cfm version which will outperform any edelbrock at any angle. They say it will run trouble free beyond 40 degrees climb angle and 30 degrees side angle.
I had the same problem with mine and a very similar setup. I ended up following the edelbrock manual and set the choke and the fast idle cam by bending a couple of rods. I did put in a stall converter as well. I was thinking about buying a different carb as well, but try following the manual and adjusting the rods. It worked for me and I saved a lot of money.
I bet the cam is a Comp 294S with .605"/.605" [email protected] is 250/250 with 110*lsa. You will need atleast a 2500 stall with that cam and it is a solid lifter cam so it will need adjusting periodically. I do not care for that particular cam from experience with it. There are much better cams available but if your happy keep it, On the carb I would say the Eddy might work fine for your intended use. Holleys are good carbs and my personal choice but I don't have to worry about steep angles either. Put a converter such as a TCI Street Fighter behind the engine and it will feel like you gained 100hp compared to trying to run a stock converter. I ran a very similar engine combo to what you have and made ~500hp.
i run a dominator on mine all over the dunes with no problems. it's not fuel injection though.
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