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Carrol Carter aluminum boss 429 SVO engine block and components for sale. All is new, never assembled. Complete machine work on block was done by C.C. shop. Block was counter bored new sleeves installed bored 4.5. Will bore to 4.6 block in a wet block and deck height is 10.3 inches. It's lined bored, decked and cylinder finish hones, ready for assembly. Comes with front cover for off set mag drive. Have all correct bolts and fasteners. Rear end plate for rear crank seal. 2 side rails which fit from front to rear.
-Plus rotating assembly 495 CID, 4" steel crank, Childs Albert Rods 10 Lanatti 4.5 bore
-Piston, rings and bearing prepared by Shannon engineering
-Pair flow tech ex 514 cylinder
-Heads complete valve, external oil dump and drive
-Aerospace vac pump, complete bracket, filter
-Reactor flex plate
-C-6 rollerized trans with brake and cooler, continental convertor and cooler,
-Continental convertor 5500 stall, vertex mag, much more, engine components never assembled
-Have over $20,000. Inverted, will part out, accept terms 90 days, asking $12,000 takes all. Contact [email protected]
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