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Hi there from Mopar land. Being a Mopar guy, I'd honestly never heard of a 460 until yesterday. That's a big freaking motor.

I bought a small block Mopar intake and Thermoquad carburetor for the 318 in my 74 Dodge D100 yesterday.

Looking up the number off of the baseplate and running it through my refence website, it apparently came off of a 1974 Ford 460 big block. It was the only year 460 that featured a Thermoquad. Ford must not have been too impressed.

I have a couple of thermoquads sitting in my basement right now and I'm attempting to make a usable one with small enough jets and metering rods for my 318. Normally I wouldn't hesitate to tear this one apart for parts, but being a single year application that's unique from the hundreds of Mopar variants of Thermoquad, I didn't know if this would be a travesty or not.

So that's why I'm here. The carburetor is mostly complete (however that does not mean in good condition). The only thing that appears to be missing is part of the choke assembly on the right hand side. The throttle shafts seem to be frozen pretty solid with corrosion. When I turned it upside down, about a teaspoon of aluminum corrosion fell out of the bores. In addition, one of the idle screws is bent in a 90 degree angle. If someone wants I can post up pictures.

Anyway, I am trying to determine if I should sell the carb to someone whole, or rob the parts I need and sell the Ford specific parts (choke assemblies and base plate that I can tell) to someone, or just not worry about it.

My assumption is that this would only be useful to someone who was trying to restore a '74 Lincoln to factory specs, and otherwise would be tossed aside in favor of a more friendly carb.

Thoughts? Thanks in advance for your responses.
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