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Fellas -

A good friend of mine is working on a 59 Ford pickup for a charity for deployed servicemembers and could use a little help. The truck will be used to advertise for the charity. This is a low buck build and the truck will have a military theme - it will be painted olive drab with a large white star on each door, black painted/powdercoated trim, and a spartan interior. They have 45 days to get it together because my buddy is headed overseas; they've had some parts donated, but they are in need of an engine and trans. It has a 302 and FMX auto now, so the easiest would be a ready to go SBF and auto trans (with the timeline, I'm worried about a machine shop being able to finish in time) if you know of anyone who might be interested in helping out. If you don't know of any engine/transmissions, they accept donations via credit card or paypal on their website at www.herobox.org. You can see a picture of the truck at http://herobox.wordpress.com/2009/10/19/project-59/ The truck is in Atlanta.

FYI - the charity provides customized care packages for deployed servicemembers. My buddy, John, is on the leadership team of the nonprofit. John and I were deployed together to Iraq for 15 months so we both know how helpful an organization like this is, especially for younger troopers.




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