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Just did a eBay search for Galaxie's for sale and found this as the first listing.


I was thinking, damn that looks familiar. Looked at the engine, couldn't recall ever seeing one all purple like that, but a 460... Then I placed it. I went to look at this thing a couple years ago when it was on eBay. Guy said it was a fairly solid car.

I went there and first thing I noticed was the frame was totally kaput. Some very half-arsed attempt to fix it with angle iron. I told teh guy the frame is shot, beyond repair. He played like he had no idea. So I grabbed the nearest boogered on piece of angle iron, ripped it off, and handed it to him. I told him to keep his "frame" and thanks for wasting my time and gas to drive out and look at it.

I assume that is the piece he is referring to when he says in the ad "Piece of the frame is missing (about the length of the door, near the door. Found out it was patched by previous owner after it came off"

Anyhow, If I recall it actually sold last time, despite the fact that I warned the guy bidding on it about the frame. Said he bought it for his son. When I spoke with him on hte phone I told him to let me know if he needed help locating a frame for the swap, as I know where a few solid ones are.
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