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Hello everyone, I'll preface this by saying I love the forum and its been a great aid in some maintenance I've performed since getting my dream car. I own a 1977 Lincoln Mark V (460 engine obviously) and it has the stock Motorcraft carb on it. I purchased it in August and the carb was rebuilt by a local "old-timer" mechanic who supposedly worked on the vehicle for years for the previous owner(s). Car started great and ran great all summer, however there was a morning in maybe September in which it was freezing (around 30 degrees) and when I went to start the car it was very hard to start. Eventually after cranking it and following the procedure per OE Manual it started up and ran fine... Didn't run into the issue again and of course thought nothing of it (young and dumb perhaps). Anyways, now that its getting cold as heck out of nowhere here in Ohio I am preparing to put the car away for winter storage. But the hard starting issues are back... same as the incident in September. Hard start but eventually the engine will fire up and will run fine. I'd like to get it sorted out as I would like to regularly start the car while its in storage and move it around from time to time to keep the tires from getting bald spots. I'm a young guy and this is my first carbureted car so I'm learning as I go. After searching this forum and many other information outlets I've learned quite a bit more about carbs beyond my previous very basic understanding, let alone my specific carb and its operation. Anyways, I observed that when I press the gas pedal to the floor and release it to set the choke, the plate snaps back from it but leaves a considerable gap still. I'd reckon around maybe .2-.25". From my understanding the plate is supposed to close just about shut when initially setting the choke before attempting start up, then upon ignition the choke pull off opens it up a bit. I've set the choke thermostat cap to the "index" setting as that is the recommended setting on the valve cover label, it was previously set to the leanest setting, but I haven't really messed with it past that. I was wondering where I should begin looking/tinkering as to resolve this issue? I suppose it could be a fuel delivery issue, but my best bet at the moment would be the choke plate not snapping shut. I can imagine there could be tons of things, and very well may be beyond my ability but I would still like to try my hand. I can certainly ask my neighbor who is very proficient with cars, especially older ones, but I would like to learn. Plus I don't like to "bother" him if i can help it. Thanks in advance and I appreciate any help. I'll answer any questions to the best of my ability as well!
I would get another carburetor.My Dad bought a 77 F250 when I was 7 years old.It had a stock Motorcraft carburetor.The previous owner had wired the 4 barrel shut..When I was 16 and started driving it I naturally wanted the 4 barrel working.When you hammered down the engine would miss, sputter and cut out.Everyone I talked to in my hometown said to take it to Albert Fulbright who was an older man that was an expert on carburetors.He rebuilt it, it did the same thing.He worked on it several times and never could get it to work.To my knowledge that was the only carburetor that he couldn't figure out.I replaced it with a Edelbrock and it did just fine.
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