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SOLD - CJ D0OE-R Cobra Jet Heads - SOLD


Factory Ford 429 Cobra Jet / Super Cobra Jet Cylinder Heads Engineering Revision D0OE-R.

We have several sets of these and are releasing this one pair only. (Please do not contact us about any other CJ heads.) These heads are not only by far the best pair of iron CJ's that we have in our posession, but they are also most original example we have managed to obtain in at least ten-plus years.

  • As cast ports, never ported, bowl blended, or gasket matched
  • Studs and guide plates included
  • Heads have matching date codes of 9M5 (December 5, 1969)
  • New exhaust seats have been installed and look excellent
  • Bronze valve guide inserts on the exhaust guides, look excellent
  • Studded exhaust
We purchased these heads in the exact shape and condition that you see in the pictures. They have never been assembled or used in an engine since our purchase. They were sold to us by another machine shop as being mag checked and crack free, but we never checked them ouselves and therefore we do not make that claim in this sale.

The reason for selling our best pair of D0OE-R heads is that while all our other pairs may not be as original, that does not matter to us since we will heavily modify those heads anyway. And so we figured that others may need a more immaculate, unmolested original pair and/or like to start with virgin castings, and therefore we are making our best set available to anyone that may have that preference.

$995 + shipping. Sold as is. We will waive the shipping charges if picked up personally.

Please Note: You may estimate your own shipping charges by going to the UPS Website and entering the following information:
  • Ships from zip 94025
  • Ships to (your zip code)
  • Weight per head: 65 pounds
  • Package dimensions: 26" x 8" x 8"
Call, email, or PM if interested,


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Could you tell me what these heads flow stock? I think I have a pair, and I dont know what their capable of...

Thank you

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