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Decided to clean out the garage a little. I’ll get pics if anyone is interested.

(1) set of Big Ford drum brakes. Backing plate holes have been drilled to ½” already. Shoes look new as does the hardware. $50, plus shipping.

(1) 429 crank. Looks good. I think it’s STD/STD. Make offer, plus shipping.

(2) 351W cranks. One is a late 60’s and one is a late 70’s. Make offer, plus shipping.

(1) set of bare D00E 351W heads. Heads have been tanked and are rusty from sitting on the shelf. One has a spark plug thread that is slightly messed up. Should be able to repair it though. Make offer, plus shipping.

(1) Stock 429/460 harmonic balancer/damper. Good shape, a little greasy. Make offer, plus shipping.

(1) stock 429 4bbl intake manifold. Good shape, a little greasy. Just a pass car deal, nothing fancy. Make offer, plus shipping.

(1) Erson double roller timing chain for a 289-351W. Has a 3 keyway crank sprocket. $35 shipped.

(1) Grant Challenger 4 spoke steering wheel. Doesn’t have any foam on it. Just a light coat of grey paint. It was bought bare from Grant for a project long ago that was going to get a custom wrapped and chromed steering wheel. Would be decent wheel for a track car. Just wrap it with some sticky tape. Make offer, plus shipping.

(1) set of Fox body Mustang caster/camber plates (3 bolt). They appear to be early Ford Motorsport ones. They are steel, not aluminum. $50 shipped.

(1) 5.13 ring and pinion. Used but in good shape. Make offer, plus shipping.

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