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I took this chassis on partial trade for the Fox Body I sold.
I'm building a 125" car so this chassis won't work for me.

New Chrome moly chassis is complete with Front strut mounts, lower strut A-arms, rear shock mounts, pedals, tabbed for floors, 4 link, funny car cage, HD anti sway bar, steering column,engine plate mounts set up for SBF. Chassis can be used for a 98" to 103" wheel base. Can get SFI certified. Will fit Mustang, Vega, Nova, ect, ect. This is a great opportunity for someone to get into a full chassis at a fraction of the cost. Chassis was completely jig built at RJ's race car shop in El Cajon. Welding will be completed this week. 61nine-933-0992, located in El Cajon. I'd like to get $2500 which is way less that its worth.

I'd take trades on some parts I need. I need a pro-mod 40 spline 3rd member, 16x16 double bead locks.

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