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danthefordman said:
I like the scoop in the front, gives a modern look to match whats under the hood!
Thanks Dan, I wasn't too sure about it until yesterday.

The car has taken on a Cobra/Viper theme. I did a bunch of EFI work for a shop that catered to vipers and that exposure sort of rubbed off. In my travels, I gathered up take-off Viper calipers, a transmission, that naca duct, and other things...and they all ended up on the car. It also has viper-sized rubber/wheel sizes. It's going to be one weird cobra.

After the first scoop pictures, I was concerned enough that I drove the 3 hours to go look at it yesterday. I'm glad I did. It's going to look extremely cool; and will really set the car apart. I'm glad to see the doors hung finally, and the fit that rivals a Ferrari...he did it right.

Anyway, excited like a kid on xmas morn...can't wait to see it one color.

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