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coil help needed

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Can someone tell me how many volts DC you should have on the red wire on your coil. Mine is coming up with 7.3 volts DC, and I am not getting any spark to the spark plugs.

I have tried new brain and new coil. When I put the new coil on I got a spark at the plugs for a few seconds and then it quit sparking at the plugs.

Its all stock ignition.
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7.3 is probably about right with the factory resistor wire, hook a test light to ground, then touch the negative side of the coil while some one cranks,should see good steady flashing, if so bad coil if not, bad module or pick up coil. hope that helps
oh also check your voltage onthe positive side while cranking
I did all that last night and when hooked up to the green wire on coil I can't recall the number of volts, but it was not much. I think it is the pickup in the distributor. I am going to buy one tonight and install it when I get home. Will post back tonight.
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