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Collapsed Lifters?

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New engine build, comp cams hydraulic roller lifters (I think they are 8934 -16). Without the intake on I set the valves, put four liters of oil in (5 or 6 liter pan from 79 van) and spun the oil pump with a drill. I have at least three lifters that are dumping oil out the top, when I stop the drill the pushrods drop an eighth inch. If I take the pushrod back out and stick my finger in there when the drill is on the plunger comes up with pressure and drops a quarter inch when the oil pressure is off. The lifters are brand new, the engine has never run. When I was measuring pushrods I also had this problem, I called comp, they said pump them up in some oil.
Am I missing something?
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I don't know if it matters:
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fyi,not sure whats causing that but make sure the lifters are installed with the link bars inward towards the cam,otherwise if will flood the heads with oil.
also,did you set the rockers up with a quarter turn?
Thank you, I got them in the right way but not because I knew, that was an internet search. I tightened rockers two flats after I took up the lash
There should be a spring under the lifter plunger that returns it to the non loaded position at the top of travel.

1/4 to 1/2 turn preload is plenty.

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