Putting up a feeler on my garage cleanup.
I have a 1987 460 with a Fi-tech TBI. Its mated to a manual valve body 4r70w trans via a speed gems adapter plate. This combo-ran great as a cruiser and had alot of getup and go in my 1970 mustang using a AJE subframe and shaved shock towers.
It sat for 6 months, and when I went to start it it locked up, after investigation 2 of the tbi injectors were stuck open and flooded the engine. The rest is my fault- In frustration I walked away and let it came back the next day to pull plugs and spinn it over. I took it for a drive to “flush” it out and after a couple good accelerations I heard a rod knock. Well we all have our dumbass moments as I never changed the gas diluted oil.

Fast forward a couple more months- 460 is out an on the floor, FI-tech got sent out and injectors replaced. Im in the middle of mod motor swapping this car and looking to part ways with this engine/trans combo.

Basically Im selling this combo for the price of the Fi-tech unit, even the speed gems adapter and manual valve body are are worth more than the combo asking price. I can answer any questions and provide any pictures. I do have a front sump
pan and oil pump as well that will go with it as all my other 460 stuff.