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I have a complete FI 460 engine and trans pulled from a 1990 E350. I have everything for it, the engine is complete and all together,complete air intake setup, complete harness w/ecu, radiator, all hoses(yes I saved the hoses), fuel system, frame mounted pump, lines, with duel tanks and pumps, trans and driveshaft. the engine has cruise, i save all that. All the frame brackets and mounts and the trans mount. The engine has A/C, its a serp belt set up. Oh the engine has an oil cooler and I did save the exhaust back to the converter. Stock manifolds with the y pipe. I was going to put this in my 78
Anybody interested?
1000.00 cash, the engine and all parts have been stored inside
Paul Thomassen
Gloucester,VA ( next to Yorktown,Va)
I will take some pics for people that are serious
I pulled this setup with the intent to use it myself, so i spent the time, getting all the little pieces and parts, and being pretty carefull. The van had 99,000 miles on it when it was pulled.
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