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straight cut gearset
Stock case
9 high gear clutches
turbo input shaft
cut for Ultra Bell
pro tree brake
always had TCI fluid in it
12 easy passes since I had the trans builder go through it to check it out.
Was built by Sloan racing transmissions in Havanna, IL
Comes with a pistol grip Hurst Quarter stick
Ultra Bell for BBF ( may seperate)

ATI Converter that was gone through by Midwest converter at the same time the trans was. It's the best ATI converter you can buy and if you buy the whole package I'll pay half towards having it restalled for your application. If you want someone to look it over the guy who built it will do it for $250. I'll even drop the tranny off for you the next time I go down there and he can ship it to you.

$3500 for all of it.
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