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Congrats to Cale and company @ Gateway

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Congrats to Cale Aronson and his pro stock team for making the finals at the ADRL race in Madison (Gateway) yesturday. That mustang ran strong all day, even knocking out John Montecalvo in the semis.

Also he is a heck of a nice guy, while taking time out of his between rounds thrashing to talk to a couple 460 ford fans. Oh yeah, for the record, his wife works just a hard, if not harder, in the pits by working on the clutches. I was glad to put a face to a screen name.
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Yeah, he had a pretty good weekend of racing :) but... as hard as she works, she isn't the wife yet.

Tinzy (Wife to be) is deserving of A LOT of credit! I think it is time to spoil her! She worked harder than anyone!
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