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Correct HEADER size?

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Some advice on where to start when building/selecting headers please.
What determines size of primary tube?
When should I look at using a step header?
Is a Tri-y design better?
Long tube or short tube?
What size collector should I use?
What is gained or lost using a choked down collector such as a Burns?

I understand motor builds are designed for application and custom headers built to the design of the motor. The following is what I will be using in a NASCAR Craftsman Truck, Open class/Road racing. (358ci is standard) :p

472" (4.360x3.8);) 3,500-7000? rpm range
Dove heads, 72cc, 2.19/1.74 stainless, ported in/ex, blended bowls. No flow #'s yet. 1.7 rockers.
Comp Cams, #34-653-5, @.050 in270/ex276, 108, gross lift .649/642
Motorsport 9424 intake matched to heads, otherwise as cast aluminum.
Holley 4150 950cfm
3-1/2" with balance "H" tail pipes required.
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IMO, something like that could use a 1 7/8" primary header with "full length" design into a 3 or 3.5" collector and an "X" pipe system undernieth the truck.
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