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Crites headers in a 71 Mustang?

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Does anyone know how well these fit with an automatic? Is it something I'm going to have to put a lot of dings and dents in?

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I know my 67 engine bay is a little different than your 71, but my crites headers are tighter than a fat girls socks. I can barely slide a piece of paper between my shock towers and a couple of the tubes. If it wasn't for my front motor plate it would definitely rub when running
Thanks for your input. I'm hoping that the different shock towers will make it a bit easier.
I forgot to ask, but how much ground clearance do they give you?

I have Crites Gen II headers & motor mounts in my '69 fb with uncut shock towers. It is a really tight fit but they do fit. A couple of the primaries make a downward bend immediately off of the exhaust port which can't be best for flow, but that's about the best you're going to get without either cutting up the shock towers and/or going to a custom header. 2" primaries are a bit small for my combo but the price was right at the time so that's what I have for now. Ground clearance is plenty acceptable for street. There is a specific order you have to bolt up the primaries to the head on installation...one way and one way ONLY. First time its trial and error. After that, no big deal.
Well it looks like this may be my way to go. I appreciate all the input you guys have laid out here. Thanks Again,

Well if anyone wants to know a set of Crites headers will give you approx 5" of ground clearance on a stock suspension with stock tire height. Too bad I've dropped my front end 2".

They look badass on my 66 Fairlane. Quality seems good but their customer support sucks.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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