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One New Audiovox Cruise control kit. It is new in the original box. Comes with a second partial kit; leftover parts from installing one kit on a car. $125 shipped to 48 US states.


Features safe,reliable performance that increases gas mileage and fuel economy
Provides for relaxed travel at preset speeds
Avoid unintentional speeding and driving fatigue
Installation instructions included
Includes vehicle specific VSS/Tach wire info for 85-97 North American vehicles.
Perfect for street rods or vehicles without VSS or speed sense wire-just use the included magnet kit!
Perfect for motorhomes, RV's and more!
VSS compatible -up to 8000 pulses
Includes dash mounted command switch, on/off switch, and magnet kit for vehicles without accessible speed sense wire, and detailed installation instructions
Same functionality as OEM systems featuring: Set,Accel,Coast, Resume, and Disengage
Set function-locks in a predetermined speed with the touch of a button
Accel function-Holding this button creates acceleration and speed is maintained once released
Coast Function- allows you to reduce/reset cruise speed System can be disabled 3 ways-tap brakes/depress clutch, press "off" button, switch engine off. OE replacement "stalk mount" handles available separately
Works with automatic or manual transmission vehicles
Will not work on vehicles with throttle-by-wire or drive-by-wire systems--(must have an actual throttle cable)
Not recommended for some vehicles including but not limited to 85-92 Hondas, or Mercedes CDI diesels
Installation on other diesels may require separate purchase of additional vacuum canister

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