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483 CI short block
4.440 Bore, 10.290 Deck
Pro-gram eng. 4 bolt mains (3)
Bronze lifter bushings
Groden alum rods (6.7) (BBC)
Ross Pistons (for ex 514 heads) (1.623 comp.)
460 crank (3.90 stroke)
DSS main bearing support and windage
All oil mods
High flow dynamics stage 1 pump
6 runs on bearings,rods,rings
Out of 4x4 pro stock pulling truck
Located in NW Missouri
$2500.00 plus shipping
Would like to sell as short block,will sell parts if block sells

Also C9VE block filled
4.440 bore, 10.290 Deck
1 sleeve #1cylinder
$450.00 plus shipping

4.125 stroke crank,nitride treated
Ford mains(.010) BBC rods
$350.00 plus shipping

call 816-244-7666 or e-mail [email protected]

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