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D44 Carrier Question

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Hey guys, how do you know which carrier you need for a D44?? Well in my case it is a
-16D detroit locker, which is supposed to be for the 3 series gears. My 4.10 ratio richmond gears fit on perfectly. Is there something I'm not getting about carrier fitment?
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carrier would be 3.73 and down or 3.92 and up (in numeric value)
THe question would be on your gears, do you have a normal set or the "thick gear" set? That's the only way to run a 3.92 and up (numerically) gear set on a 3 series carrier. More than likely you actually have a 4 series Detroit
Well I bought the detroit from a guy who told me he was going to 4.56 cause the 3.55s weren't enough. The only numbers I fond on it were: 8L17 (Possibly 8LI7), 70960, 70961, 13J99 and -16D.

Will the gears physically bolt on to the wrong carrier?
Sure will, the difference is in the off-set of the carrier itself.
He was obviously selling it because the 4 series gears wouldn't work on it.
I guess I'll have to sell my locker and get a different one then. No biggie. I shouldn't have any trouble unloading a detroit locker.
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