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d60 question

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i've got a ford dana 60 out of a 79 f350. i put 35 spline outter shafts on (a friend of mine is a manager at napa he looked them up) and they stick out past the hub is there a diff. shaft used for these axles
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This is one of the best references I have ever seen to dana 60, If you look long enough you will probably come up wit your answer. I know the 79 is a unique bird. Sought after from Jeep guys but can't remember why??

The 35 spline Spicer D70 stub shafts are 12" long and fit GM/Dodge D60 spindles. The only 35 spline Ford length (11-5/8") stub shafts available are aftermarket. I'd recommend Superior, but Yukon also makes them.
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