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I am looking for a rear output shaft for a divorced dana 24.transfer case. Anyone know a good source of information and for parts ? for these things. Or the dimensions of one or where i can find a blue print ,so I can, whittle one up in the lathe and mill

Yes i am aware it would be better to swap to np205 or a billet style . just for after market parts availability .
But its a good case ,i already have it,i own a machine/fabrication shop ,with what a NP205 are priced these days ,its cheaper for me to just make one.I was also thinking since i was going to make an output shaft go ahead and just do the guts completely out of some 4340 .

And since i have everything except the rear output shaft ,using the factory parts to copy ,is a piece of cake to set up the mill and lathe with .

Looking for the best resource i can get on the dana 24 divorced transfer case

Thanks in advance
1 - 3 of 3 Posts