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Dana 60 to Dana 50 TTB

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I am buying a 1994 F-350 so I can grab the Dana 60 out of to bolt under my 1983 F-250. I just finished fabricating my reverse shackle lift yesterday and will be ready to bolt everything in as soon as I can pull it out from under the 350.

Anyhow, I could part this truck out, but I happen to have a Dana 50 TTB and front frame I cut out of a 1990 F-250 diesel that I got my rear spring hangers from.

My question is, do the monobeam trucks have the mounting holes and indentions for the TTB setup already punched in the engine crossmember? If they are my plan is to bolt the TTB back under the '94 and sell it as a complete runner, which would possibly get me more money than I am paying for the truck itself.

I would go look myself but the truck is 130 miles away from me right now. If one of you with a factory monobeam truck could crawl under yours and tell me I would be grateful.
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i am 99 percent sure that they do. same cross memeber ttb or mono-beam. I can look tonight when i go home, i have a 96 f350 with a 60 . I bought a 96 f350 4x4 dana 60, 460 , std trans, crew cab long box for $350. Runs, drives excellent, kid thought it was junk and needed cash fast. Its ugly with no a straigth panel on it, but who cares about that lol.
Hey thanks a ton man. I'm friends with the owner of the shop that this truck is sitting at and they told me the guy who owns the thing is sick and needs the cash for it and would probably take 800 for her. Considering a Ford D-60 is going for 800 anyhow I figured I can at least get that for the turbodiesel and transmission. I figured it may be easier to sell a running truck, and I may be able to get more for her.

Oh, and that $350 dollar truck is a hell of a find, I would have snatched that one up in a heartbeat too!
Like already stated im pretty sure you can just bolt it in. I took a 1990 d60 and put it in my 97 250 straight bolt in. I shortened my driveshaft 3/4 of an inch it would of worked with the stock 250 one but just barely and 40 bucks for a shorten was cheap insurance. so other than possibly shortening driveshafts its bolt in. Oh yea the shackle bolts come out like a bitch on mine. had to replace some bushings cause they rusted solid inside of them.
i had a look and my crossmemer is drilled for ttb brackets. I have seen a ttb under a 460 a well. they sag really bad. One question, what springs are going under the truck with the 60. Reason i ask is the spring rates are very different. My super lift ttb lift spring wer good, flexed and rode good, however once the 60 was in, it rides rough and no flex in the front.
Use springs for a 350. The ttb springs are actually stiffer cause the arms have leverage and put more pressure on the leafs. On my truck i gained 2-3 inches going from 250 to 350 springs.
The entire dana 60 and and it's springs are staying together and are getting swapped under the F250, which is the truck I am keeping. The TTB and accompanying springs are going under the F350. The TTB setup came out of a 1990 F250 that had a 7.3 liter diesel in it, so they'll be just fine under the F350's turbodiesel.

Thanks for the info guys, this will be a simple bolt in exchange from the two trucks and then I can get the F350 sold. The main reason I had asked is because the 80-86 2 wheel drive trucks like my F250 do not come from the factory with the dana 50 ttb bracket holes. Instead, the twin I beam axle pivot brackets are the same as a dana 44 ttb from the F150 or Bronco.
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