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Below is some information for Seattle area members on Dave Morgan's class in December, if you are interested.

Dave Morgan is coming to Seattle with his seminar AND workshop on December 19-20

Dave Morgan has been supporting the Seattle drag racing market for the past couple of years, but the events were not widely promoted and attendance was poor. This winter, he will return with his seminar plus his workshop program.
“There are three big changes to the Seattle effort,” Dave said. “First, I have the support of local racers like Bill Parsons and Steve Kiser, who really want to see the events happen in Washington. Second, I have developed the workshops to the point where I know what drag racers want from a hands-on experience. Last year’s workshops were an experiment and I made sure everyone understood that. I wasn’t certain how they would work out, but was very pleasantly surprised to find how popular and helpful they are. The final aspect of making this a success is thanks to Keith Kaiser for hosting the seminar, plus giving us a location to have the workshop. His company, Winner’s Automotive will provide us with shop space so interested drag racers can bring their car for the Sunday workshop.”
Winner’s Automotive is a small shop so seating is limited as is availability of shop space for Sunday. Early registration is highly recommended. Seating for the seminar is $85/person, as is attendance at the workshop. If you wish to bring your car, that costs another $85. Attendance at the seminar is mandatory for participation in the workshop. Former seminar students are not required to attend this seminar because they have already learned the course.
You can register two ways, either by phone (Dave’s cell is 567/242-9779) or on his website www.davemorganseminars.com . If you’d like to bring your car to the workshop, please call Dave directly so he can register your vehicle and discuss the car’s problems with him.

The seminar will be held at Steve’s shop, Winners Automotive in Burien
864 SW 136Th ST, Burien WA, 98166 206-241-0112

For driving directions go to www.winnersautomotive.com .
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