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Dexter look out!!

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Putt'in the supertune on the BOMB today to get ready for you tomorrow so your in trouble!!

Actually,putting some armor-all on it and trying to figure out a way to twist a nut or bolt to stay ahead of you guys tomorrow and really I can't. I'm trying to find an advantage but looks like there is nothing left to do. I feel like "Scotty talking to Cpt. Kirk" wow that some old stuff!! "Captain that's all she's got, she's getting ready to blow!"

I really think it'll come down to traction(track conditions) tires.

I think we are really close on times. No tree tomorrow only a start light. Usually the tree helps me some but the last couple times we've raced, we've left together.

Good luck see you there! Any problems on the way, give us a ring, we'll see if we can help!!

Regardless we have to get ahead of that S10 tomorrow! They are really good guys that have a very fast little S10. But... I hear the track is short tomorrow and that S10 makes all of it's time up on the top end. Can you say "H-O-L-E S-H-O-T" Oh yeah!!:D

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Cedar Rapids Iowa !:D
thanks for getting back thats to fare away for me
i race in south east mo 150' 12'' of mud in 3.4-3.5 sec
in 79 bronco 546cid with dove heads

i would post vid but dont know how

Your right in there with Dexter and myself I think !! This track is for you!! This is a 150 foot fast track!!!

I'm all about video's!!:D I like seeing everyone's machines and how they work.

This is how you do it. Go to Photobucket, follow this link.


1)Go to the top right and sign up.
2)click the "upload" button this will open a window that goes back to your computer.
3)Locate the video you want to upload and"upload it"
4)after it uploads there is a button on the bottom to save it or something that has to be clicked.
5)Then under the video you uploaded click on the "image code" link and"copy it"

Then on your 460 ford posting click "paste" then when you post it will show up as a large picture. When you click on it you will go to the video!
It will look like this when your done!

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Good luck you guys. Gotta work so cant go, doesn't sound like my kind of track so I dont feel to bad.
Thanks Jeff for the Photo bucket lesson, couldnt figure that **** out either!
No problem Andy! Give me a hollar if you have trouble setting it up !!!
good luck tomorrow,jeff,gonna be installing this super duper better than chrom moly axle tomorrow,to get ready for miles,maybe i can race without breaking something lol
eh carb issues had to put a vaccuum secondary carb on it we just now got done workin on it can you believe my valves were ten thousandths loose?? hope the cam isnt goin flat:confused: screwed me tho never got a shifter in
I have an AED 1000 4150 do you want me to bring it?
thanks for the offer jeff but i think ill give this one a shot my tune guy says he likes it and hes got it tuned for that carb i think thats the least of my worries we got it running pretty good

but thanks
The BOMB's gotta run the Biggs !!:D
Give em hell Jeff! Take no prisoners!!!!!
Thanks Karl !! We'll giv'em all we can!!
good luck Jeffro!!!! give her DEATH AND HELL
Thanks Marshal I WILL!!!

As a matter of fact I'll even give them their choice! They can have "Hell" or "Death" it's up to them!!:D

Thanks again,

hey jeff,what stage is your dommie from biggs?
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