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Diamond Racing Piston Clearance Sale

This is a one time clearance price, never to be repeated, limited to stock on-hand.

These pistons would normally be priced at $xxx.xx, and we were blowing them out for $xxx.xx per set, but the price on this last set is now being reduced to $xxx.xx
:eek: pistons, pins, and locks included.

This pricing applies to this set of pistons only. Standard pricing applies to all other overbores and configurations.

Diamond Racing Pistons part #40504

  • 4.440 bore (+.080 overbore)
  • For use with stock dimension rods and crank, 3.850 stroke and 6.605 length rods with 1.040 pin
  • New old stock, only removed from packaging for photos
  • Forged 2618 alloy
  • H-13 tool steel pins included at no additional cost - normally a $100.00 upgrade - they are the strongest pins you can buy
  • For use with Kaase style SCJ / P51 and AFR heads ONLY.
  • While specifically made for SCJ/P51 heads, the valve relief will also work with AFR heads when using cams up to approximately [email protected] with 75cc heads, and [email protected] with 85cc heads.
  • WILL NOT work with D0VE D0OR-E C8VE C9VE D3VE Edelbrock ProComp Speedmaster Trickflow, A460, or Boss heads
  • Great for a pump gas build with AFR 85cc heads
  • Great for racing and/or E85 use with SCJ/P51, or AFR small chamber heads.
  • Approx 12.0:1 compression with 72cc heads
  • Approx 10.6:1 compression with 85cc heads

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