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distributor, BOSS pistons

Accel dual point dizzy. 30202. It is New Old Stock. Been on a shelf for a long time.

JE Boss 429 pistons .030" Installed but never run. These have BIG domes for high compression. The crown is very thick and they could easily be cut down to flat tops if desired. Come with wrist pins but no clips or rings. These sat in an engine after install for a long time. the engine suffered bad water damage and had to be bored. 4 of the pistons have some discoloration from water sitting on them but I assure you that it is cosmetic only. Pistons are still smooth and you cant catch a finger nail in the dark areas. Discoloration is only on 4 of the crowns, wont hurt anything. Pistons appear to be anodized on the crowns. Will sell for less than half what I paid for my new pistons.



May consider trades. P.M. your offers


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