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distributor question

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I keep reading about you guys running a recurved distributor and was wondering if this is something i should do for my new 460 and if its possible for me to do it by myself or if i need to send it off and have it done in a shop that you recomend. I have some spare time now to work on motor again but machine shop still has not hone fitted pistons and they had it for three months now starting to wonder if i will ever get this project done. Thanks for any advice you can give me.
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The Mad Porter aka Scotty J. has instructions on his site. http://reincarnation-automotive.com/
X2, Scott can hook you up with instructions to do it yourself or work one up for you.
Thanks for the replys scottys is not that far from me wish i had known before would have been worth the 6 or 7 hour drive to have my machine work done by scotty.
Go pick up your parts at the current machine shop and take them to Scott!!...at least he'll get you going in less than 3 months!!
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