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DOT pulling tires

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I know what tires are popular for the most part, but i was just curious if anyone has ever tried running thornbirds on a puller truck. do they work?
I know most offroaders say they dont work, but they say the same about STS's and they work pretty well pulling.
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We have a 6200lb pro street truck and we use the sts all terrains but I think the best tires are the bfg all terrains. A lot of the Pro stock trucks run them and do great. We are limited on tire size that we can run. I think the thorn birds would get to much bite. We had bfg mts and they hurt more than helped us but alot of guys run a mud tire . Another thing to think about is the more bite you get the more parts you seem to break.
Thank you. I may take the chance and try them. Around me the Mud tires seem to be ruling lately...Yokohama Geolanders, Cooper Discoveror STT's, and Goodyear MT/Rs seem to be popular. Lots of guys used to have STS's but seem to have switched. My junk isnt finished yet......so i'll be ok for a bit.
BFG A/T's seem to rule down herre, does any one use them up ther ? We have tried them all.
I turned wrenches on a couple of the prostock outlaw (ottpa) trucks last season and probably 9 out of 10 of those guys ran the BFG A/T. With that said most of our tracks have a bunch of clay in them. Sort of like pulling on asphalt or at least thats what we hope for. Down southwest though we got into alot of sand. Makes for an interesting pull.
I thought those truxus tires were pretty popular...
Depending on the sancition the sts truxxus tires are, we use them on a prostreet Ford get along great. The guy down the road pulls chevys and swears by the bfgs it mostly preference. Some people claim that the sts tires will bounce more than the bfg A/T. The points champ last year ran pro comp xterrain on the front and something else on the rear. Every body has a theory on whats best. What we have found about pulling is the guy who has checked and double checked and then did it again usually wins. Tires are just something to move the truck around on.;)
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