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Hi Guys,

I am redoing my street legal 89 hatch and it will be a bad *&^% race\street car. It will have a 532 D1 460 block, 80 over, scat crank H beam rods, flat top pistons, comp cam solid lifter with 650-660 lift. With dove heads it should see about 650 hp. Pretty wild :).

Below is my current setup. I currently have a TCI 2800 stall but don't think that will do. The car is going to be mostly strip but will see some street when I can afford the gas :). What Torque Converter and stall would you all recomend?

I currently have:
89 GT Hatch
5 lug conversion
Welded Frame connectors
2 inch hooker headers
RPM air gap intake
D0VE Heads
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Complete Maximum Motorsports torque arm rear suspection with their massive rear lower control arms.
KONI shocks coil overs with QA1 adjustables in infront
KONI Shocks rear with springs
2800 Tci Stall
PA C4 Auto Full Manual Valve Body
8.8 373 gears
33 spline axles with c clip elim
Eaton Trutrack

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A single plane intake will probably be better for you.

If you can dyno the motor after it gets put together and see where your torque peake is. Then get a torque converter to match. That would be the best way to do it. If you can't do that then you are probably looking at about a 4200 RPM to 4500 RPM stall converter.
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