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Drive Mandrels for Beginners

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Guys, I want to mount my front mount accessories. I bought my crankshaft and Ford Racing balancer (BBC & BBF bolt pattern). Now, I need to buy my drive mandrel. The problem is...I know nothing about them and every brand I see is different. I've tried searching for 'beginner' info on them, but am not having any luck. That's where you guys come in... :)

This is a street driven truck with a motor plate setup:

-- Electric water pump
-- Air conditioning
-- Power steering
-- Alternator
-- Fuel pump

Everything except the fuel pump is serpentine driven. If required, I'd imagine I could switch to a "V" belt setup, but I think I'd have an easier time driving four (4) accessories with a single serpentine belt.

I'm guessing part of my problem is I'm not looking for information in the right places. Ebay, Summit Racing, ect doesn't seem to cater to this stuff from what I've seen. So, I'd like to hear what you guys have to say... :).

Are the setups that bolt to the balancer better or worse than the setups that use a longer crank/damper bolt? Can you suggest any web links where I can learn more? What companies offer a good selection of drive mandrels? Can I use a drive mandrel in combination with an OEM serpentine pulley (both bolted to the balancer)?

Thoughts, comments, input???

Have a good day!
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check with CV or Jones . Jones is more likely to make what you need
I'd stay away from the ones that use the 5-6" long crank bolts.
Long crank bolts ?

I'd stay away from the ones that use the 5-6" long crank bolts.
What issues have you seen with these style mandrels ? Mine uses the long bolt down the center with two accessory drives. Should I be on the lookout for any specific problem?
Ive seen the bolt break.
Guys, thanks for you input. It looks like Jones Racing has what I need. For future readers, here are the websites to the above referenced resources.



Have a good day!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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