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Dry sump pump mounting bracket????

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If you are mounting a dry sump pump with out a front engine plate are they mounted by using the upper bolt hole that the alternator is usually mounted to and the smaller lower hole next to the front cover? I see moroso sells a bracket, but if that is all there is to the bracket it would be easy enough to make.

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yes, those are the two bolt holes to use. I did not knwo moroso was making a bracket. I do know that Stefs and peterson have made Ford dry sump mount bracket for years.

Hope this helps,
Thanks Charlie...

That was what we thought. Dan just made his up and sent me some pics. I was just a little worried about only using the two holes and the pump/plate flexing with it being hung out there that far. Is a two gallon tank big enough for most short run set ups like drag racing or pulling?

For drag a 2 gal tank is enough. For a high end high winding puller I recommend a 3 gal. tank.
Kyle :

I have a 4.5 gal tank that I'll be mounting in the truck and a 2 gal. tank that I'll set-up for the dyno pulls..

This is what I got mocked up so far .

Now before everyone jumps on me about the crank gear can't be like that ...

The Sonny Brant crank I have is a Boss Snout, which is 1 3/8" shorter then the one I'm using for this, And I'm guessing with the Smaller Dampner I got everything will line up.
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Posting pics is similar to the old forum.

You have to host the site somewhere else right now, but you can just cut/paste the URL from that picture and then pop it in your post.
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