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DSE Alumaframe vs R&C

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I have 68 fastback, motor is coming out an aluminum big block is going in.

Shock towers are coming out as well.

Question is what suspension to go with. Purpose will be a street car but have some occasional strip time.

Anyone use the DSE alumaframe, only thing I hesitate on is you need a 17" front wheel and have to use power steering, also cost is pretty high for parts, but shows 6" front suspension travel.

The R&C kit gives flexibility it brake and wheel options and cheaper, but does it give the same ride and suspension travel good for my purpose? Also I could go manual rack and EPAs, which seems many people prefer over hydraulic power steering.

Likely the labor might be close on these.

So any help from those actually driving and street/stripping on these combinations.

Go DSE with bigger wheels and hydraulic power steering or go R&C with manual rack and EPAs?
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to me,that DSE alumaframe is a giant hairball.totally overpriced,over weight and never ever needed for a street strip car.the bolt in strut conversions are light weight,give tons of room in the engine compartment and are more reasonbly priced.that DSE alumaframe takes up all the extra room for headers and accesories.
this is one.you might have to furnish late model spindles and brakes.they bolt in to stock lower control arms and use the front strut rods.sometimes people forget to keep things simple.and with the right setup,you wont need power steering with the aluminum big block.would like to here about you build and engine specs.
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