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I am using a D1VE block and C9VE 2.25in mildly ported heads. Block is bored and stroked to 557 and going to be 13.5:1 compression running using 1050 dominator on E85 fuel.
CAMs are hard right now to get without a 3 month delay so I am aware of a wait.
Springs currently in the heads are good for a .600 lift and I want to use a hydraulic flat tappet cam.
250 foot mud racing and some street driving from time to time.

What cam specs should I aim for with this purpose of mine in mind?

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We have been purchasing flat tappet cam blanks as well as US sourced hydraulic lifters which are no longer being rationed by our supplier.
The company in Ohio that is now providing lifter bodies is not currently producing solid flat tappet BBF lifters.

Steel roller billets are very difficult to source right now and our supplier in MI is getting TOP Dollar for them when they are available.
This company has made it clear that their primary focus is getting product to the large cam companies.
Smaller buyers??? Tough Stuff.

Finding long duration cam profiles in hydraulic is difficult.

What kind of RPM do you need to run?

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